Introduction to StreamElements

StreamElements has a wide variety of features and modules to improve the quality of your stream and increase viewer engagement.

What is StreamElements?

StreamElements is a third party web based application you can connect to your streaming account (Twitch, YouTube or Facebook) in order to add more features that are expected by your viewers, but are not natively supported by your streaming software.

What features do StreamElements offer?

StreamElements offers quite a lot of features out of the box. You can decide which ones you want to use and which ones not to. Here are the most commonly used features

Stream Overlays / Alerts

Arguably the main feature of StreamElements is the ability to have overlays and alerts on your stream.


Overlays are images or text you can show on top of your stream to customize it to your liking. You can show things such as how many followers or subscriber your channel has, different goals you want to achieve with a progressbar, and many more. StreamElements also comes with a Theme Gallery that enables you to easily download a premade pick with designs and overlays, but they also have a link to Fiverr if you’d rather hire an artist to make them for you.


Alerts are popups you can show on your stream at the exact moment something happens to your channel. This may include follows, subscribers, donations, Merch Sales, and more. An alert consists of an image and a sound effect, but StreamElements makes it 100% customizable, so you can make your personal alerts distinguishable from everyone else’s with a few button clicks.

Live Chat on the Stream

Some people like to show the current live chat layered on top of the stream. StreamElements allows this by adding the Stream Chat widget to any overlay. You can customize the look of the chat and how long you want the messages to appear on the screen. StreamElements also supports BetterTTV and FrankerFFZ for Twitch. See the Twitch guide for more information.

Loyalty Points

Loyalty Points are a channel specific currency given to viewers every 10 minutes of time watching your stream. You can name the loyalty points anything you want, thus making them more personal. Unless you change it, loyalty points also have a multiplier if the viewer is subscribed to your channel. Here are a couple of things loyalty points can be spent on:

RouletteSpecifiy an amount to gamble for a chance to double the amount.
Slots Pay a fee for a chance to double the amount.
Duel Declines a duel offer.
Give PointsGives points to other viewers in the chat.
Song RequestRequest songs to be played on the stream
Stream StoreYou can set up a store to sell digital items or to play sound effects on the stream

Stream Store

A Stream Store is a digital store where you can sell items viewers can buy with loyalty points. Buying the stream store items is called Item Redemption and you can choose if you want it to show up on the stream (Image/Video/Audio) on an overlay. You can set the specific namedescriptioncostcooldown & quantity. Currently, Stream Store supports 3 different types of items:

Stream Perks

A stream perk is an item the streamer needs to manually redeem or activate. This can be things like doing a certain challenge or simply having an additional piece of text that can be shown on stream or read with a TTS (Text to Speech).

Sound Effects

A sound effect is simply what the name suggests. You can upload a specific audio file you want people to pay for in order to be played on stream.

Access-code list

If you want to give out a game code or some sort of discount code, Access-code list will allow you to do just that. You can specify whether or not the code can be given out multiple times or if it’ll be a one time use.

Chat Bot

StreamElements comes with a chat bot you can enable for your chat. Viewers can interact with the bot by typing ! followed by a command, but you can also enable certain automated messages when certain actions occurr as well timed messages the bot will automatically send at predetermined intervals. Here are some of the most popular commands


Viewers can duel other viewers for a 50/50 chance to win the amount of loyalty points they choose.

!duel X Y Starts a duel with X for Y of your channels loyalty points.
!accept Accepts a duel offer
!decline Declines a duel offer
!cancelduelCancels a duel request


Raffles will give out loyalty points to one or more random viewers that join the raffle. You can choose between a Multi Raffle or a Single Raffle. You can set a custom duration and a max amount.

!raffle Starts a duel with X for Y of your channels loyalty points.
!sraffle Starts a duel with X for Y of your channels loyalty points.
!join Starts a duel with X for Y of your channels loyalty points.


Viewers can do a double or nothing gamble with their loyalty points. You can set a custom win rate and the minimum amount of loyalty points the viewer needs to invest.

!roulette XGambles X amount of loyalty points

Eight Ball

Eight Ball is a module that allows users to type a question and get a random answer from the magical 8ball. You start out with a set of answers, but you can remove and add as many as you want.


Bingo is a module that starts a bingo where a random Twitch emote will be chosen and the viewer needs to guess which one it is. The first one to guess the right one will receive a reward. Twitch has a large number of emotes available, and you can also add BetterTTV and FrankerFaceZ emotes, so winning the bingo can sometimes take a long time if you don’t have a large viewership.

Chat Alerts

Chat Alerts are a way to notify everyone about an action on your channel if for instance you want to highlight something or if you’re using a scene that doesn’t have an Alerts overlay on it.

Slot Machine

The Slot Machine is similar to the Roulette in that the viewers can gamble their loyalty points see if they can double them or lose them.


StreamElements now allows you to upload your own custom designs to instantly create a merch store for your viewers. You can put your designs and logos on things like T-shirtsphone caseshoodiesmugsmousepads, and stickers. It’s super easy to set up, you can set your own prices, and StreamElements takes a flat cut of the sales rather than a percentage, so you can potentially make a lot of income. StreamElements Merch also automatically generates merch panels you can download and put in your about page on Twitch, in addition to alerts you can have on your stream to show whenever someone buys your merch.

Tips / Donation

Tipping (also known as donating), is a way to get money, but without Twitch getting a cut of your money. StreamElements connects to your Paypal account to transfer the money from the donator. Tips can also trigger an alert and the donator can write a custom message you can choose to show with the alert as well as TTS (Text to Speech).

Media Request

Viewers can request media to be played on the stream. You can choose if you want this to be free or a paid feature on your stream.

Chat Stats

Lastly, StreamElements allows you to see stats about your stream like top chatterstop emotestop commands & total messages.

Price & Conclusion

StreamElements is 100% free, and takes almost no time to set up.

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